The Token Program

As a way of saying thanks for being our patient and to encourage patient involvement in their orthodontic treatment, we have created "The Token Program."  This program is designed to reward our patients who successfully follow their orthodontic treatment by giving them tokens that can be redeemed for many great prizes.  


There are many prizes to choose from to satisfy our patients of all ages.  The following are a few of the many prizes available:

  1. Barbies
  2. Movie Gift Certificates
  3. Footballs, Basketballs, Soccer Balls, Golf Balls, Tennis Balls...
  4. Slinky's & Paddle Balls
  5. Gift Certificates for dinner, gas, and coffee shops

Token Program Rules

Patients have the opportunity of collecting up to four (4) tokens at each regularly scheduled appointment. Tokens may be saved and redeemed for a variety of prizes. This is our way of saying "THANK YOU FOR BEING A SUPER PATIENT!"

Earn one (1) token for:

  1. Good brushing.
  2. No loose or broken braces or appliances.
  3. Good appliance and/or elastic wear.
  4. Hechler Ortho T-Shirt
  5. Check in on Facebook when you arrive for your appointment

Earn bonus tokens for:

  1. Returning the completed "prophylaxis" postcard to our office from your dentist (5 tokens).
  2. Referring your friends to our office for consultation (10 tokens).

**NO token is given if:

  1. Today's appointment is not a regularly scheduled appointment (i.e., emergency or work-in appointment).
  2. The patient has completed active treatment and is currently in the "retention" phase of treatment.

**However, you can earn one (1) token for wearing your "Hechler Ortho" T-shirt to any appointment.

Patients, please remember to pick up your tokens the same day as your appointment. Tokens cannot be replaced if lost.

COOPERATION during treatment is ESSENTIAL in achieving a good result. Please do not hesitate to call us if there are any questions concerning progress.